The NFL offseason program began with a two-day event in Orlando, Fla., but has evolved into an annual training camp that can last from a few weeks to several months depending on the player.

Here are some of the key things you need know about what the program has in store.


Who’s eligible for free agency?

If you’re an NFL player and you’re not eligible to sign with any team this season, there’s no limit to how many teams you can sign with during the offseason.

You can sign as many as 10 players, and each team gets one of them.

There are some restrictions on who can sign.

Here’s how to find out: The NFL will use its “Credentialed Player Finder” to find and sign eligible players.

It’s a list of players who have been previously cleared to sign to their current team, but the NFL doesn’t require any of those players to be listed as eligible for next season.

If you don’t have a clear list of candidates, you’ll have to go to another website or phone directory to find one.


The league will also send out teams’ lists of the teams they have open for free agents.

The deadline for teams to apply for free agent contracts is Sept. 30.

So if you’re a player you’re interested in, the deadline is now.


There will be a lot of competition for the spots.

There’s an open competition for each roster spot, and there’s an additional competition for one-time roster spots.

The first three spots are on the offensive and defensive line positions, and the fifth spot is on the wide receivers, cornerback, linebacker and special teams spots.


The teams can’t sign more than 10 players during the first two weeks of the offseason program.

There is a one-week window in which a team can sign only 10 players.

The second week is during which teams can sign 10 players but can’t re-sign them during the same week.

So, for example, if you sign two players, you could sign another player from the list above for the final week of the preseason.


The NFL won’t use any of the money it collects from the Super Bowl to pay for the offseason programs.

The money will be spent on player health and wellness programs, including physical training.


The team that wins the draft lottery can sign any player it wants.

If a team wins the NFL draft lottery, it has to pay a $10 million deposit.

That money will go to the team’s training camp and, if necessary, training camp for the rest of the team.

If it loses, it can’t pay any of that money to its players.


If the team that won the draft picks a player, it’s free to sign him as an unrestricted free agent.

If they don’t pick a player they don of the draft, they can sign him on the open market.


The entire NFL is required to sign a contract with its players during each offseason program, and that’s what the NFLPA hopes will happen during this one.

The collective bargaining agreement doesn’t prohibit teams from signing players to extensions and paying them on a one or two-year deal.

But it does prohibit teams in certain situations from signing other players to longer-term deals.


The rosters are full at the start of the NFL season.

The players on the active roster are eligible to start training camp on Sept. 1 and the rest are on a list.

There were 1,857 players on active rosters as of Tuesday.