Anubhutis, class of trains, are not allowed to travel on the train in the same carriage in India.

The railways, however, say they will be working on an alternative solution.

The train is currently not a passenger-carrying train.

The Railways has asked the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation to provide a way to allow Anubhuis to travel together with other passengers.

A senior Railway Ministry official said, “The Delhi Metro is yet to receive the letter and we will send it to them soon.

We will also send it in a week.”

A Class of train passenger who is travelling on a Class of Train will not be allowed to go on the platform together with another passenger.

A Railway official said this would be done after it received the letter.

The official added, “We are working on the matter and will send the letter in a few days.”

A train that is carrying passengers with a Class 2 and 3 class is not allowed on the trains.

The railway official said there was a proposal to allow the Anubhuris to be on a class 2 train.

The proposal has been withdrawn, the official said.

The officials said this could happen if there was not enough space in the cars.

An official said an additional rail car would be needed for the Anobhuris.