A group of Thailand-based barbers have been teaching free classes in Bangkok for several years.

In addition to training students on techniques, they offer free haircuts and manicures.

It is part of a movement to promote tourism and tourism is a critical factor for the economy of Thailand.

The barbers, who make a living as barbers and also have a practice of selling their services to tourists, also train other businesses to offer barber services.

According to the Thai Barbers Association, the number of barsbers in Thailand has been growing steadily for over a decade, as a result of the country’s booming tourism industry.

In the past year, there have been several attempts to promote barbers tourism, such as opening a barbershop in Bangkok and opening a new barbershops in Bangkok.

Thailand is a highly popular destination for tourists, who have been coming for more than 40 years to its beaches, islands and mountains.

The country’s economy has been booming for the past two decades.

The tourism sector is estimated to have contributed more than 2 trillion baht (US$2.3 trillion) to Thailand’s GDP, making it the third-largest economy in the world behind China and the United States.

As Thailand prepares for the Lunar New Year, many tourists are going to try their hand at becoming a barber.