NEW DELHI: HAWKS TRAINing Classes are being set up by the state government to help farmers and labourers in their training process in the coming weeks, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath said on Monday.

Haws Training Camps, which is set up at the State Agriculture Department (SAAD), will be launched on July 25 and 27.

The aim of the programme is to train the people in farming, horticulture, livestock and other agricultural skills in the next 12 months.

“We are ready to start the programme next week,” said Adityam, who was on a visit to the state from Bengaluru.

He said the programme will help farmers in their agri-processing, cattle-keeping and other farming related activities in the state.

The HAWSS training programme will cost the state about Rs 100 crore.

“The government has made a good effort in setting up HAWCS, but there is a lot of work still to be done,” he added.

On Monday, the state also started work on a new training programme for the state’s farmers, farmers’ association and rural and horticultural workers.

The State Government had launched a programme to provide farmers and farmers’ leaders training and development in May last year, but it was not successful.

The programme was launched after a year-long study by the government.