The world’s leading universities have created a $200m robotics training centre to provide students with skills in robotics and machine learning.

The University of Melbourne, the University of Western Australia and the University the Czech Republic all announced the creation of the Robot Training Centre in October.

They have partnered with Google to develop the training centre.

“We are excited to partner with Google on this project, and look forward to helping students and their families learn new skills and understand the future,” said Professor Tom Riddell, head of robotics and automation at the Melbourne Institute of Technology.

“It will help us to continue to improve the quality of our training for our graduates and ensure we have the best possible skills to meet the changing world.”

Google is a major investor in the University’s robotics training program.

It will have a robotic centre, with about 500 students.

The centre is designed to train about 1,200 students over the next four years.

Google also provides free and low-cost robot training to a number of Australian universities, including the University at Adelaide.

“Google is excited to continue building partnerships and working closely with the University to bring students the best online learning experience,” Google said in a statement.

The US-based company is also building a similar robotics training facility in the UK.

The Robot Training Centres will also be able to offer students from overseas with similar interests the chance to compete against each other for the coveted top spot in the world of robotics.

“As we continue to advance robotics and artificial learning, we are looking for ways to connect with students across Australia to deliver these next-generation skills,” Mr Riddella said.

“Robot training centres are a great way for us to reach a broader audience and to help shape the future of the field.”

Google will provide the robots, along with Google employees, with the tools they need to work on projects including autonomous vehicles and artificial Intelligence (AI).

“It is important to us that our students are fully aware of the benefits of these technologies, and are encouraged to pursue their passion for robotics, AI and robotics,” Mr Bains said.

The Robots ‘Can Do It’ theme is not the first time Google has come up with a robot theme.

Google has previously used the theme to promote its self-driving cars.

It was used in the promotional video for its self driving cars in 2013.

In 2016, the company also revealed its new Android robot.

“Our robots can do it!” the robot says in the video.

“Don’t believe the hype.

Don’t get distracted by technology.”

Google’s robots can be trained on the same principles as humans and can be controlled using Android software.

Google is also working with companies to develop a robot-to-robot interaction.

The company recently launched a robot learning platform called the Googlebot.

Google’s robotics hub will be built in partnership with the Australian Robotics Council, which is responsible for the regulation of robots in Australia.

The council will host the Robots ‘Crazy’ Robot Competition, which will be held at the Robot Centre in the Australian Capital Territory (ACCT).