’s official football game guide, written by NFL executive vice president of football operations Mike Lombardi, gives all 32 teams their home field, schedule and schedule breakdown for this season.

We also know what games are set to air in those venues, which is pretty handy for those of you who are fans of the local teams. 

The first part of the guide is all about home stadiums.

The next two sections discuss the schedule and the matchups.

 The second section, which has the games on the schedule, gives a bit more information about the home teams and their home venues.

The third section includes a few tidbits about the stadiums and the games, such as whether or not the teams will wear special jerseys. 

In the first part, the NFL says it will televise all 16 regular season home games on NFL Network, including Sunday’s game against the Packers.

That is also the case for the NFC playoff games, which are played on NBC Sports Network and CBS Sports Network.

The last section is about home games.

The first part is for teams who have home games this season, but do not play on NFL Networks.

The second section is for those teams who do play on TV, but the team has not yet been announced.

For the NFC playoffs, it is the Patriots vs. Cowboys game. 

We will have a complete breakdown of all 32 NFL games from here on out, but for now, here are a few notes:1.

The NFC playoff will be played on Thursday night, so that means the Cowboys will play the Giants on Monday night.2.

The AFC wild card game between the Patriots and Chiefs will be on Thursday.3.

The NFC wild card will be in Atlanta on Monday.4.

The Steelers vs. Chiefs playoff game will be Sunday in Houston.5.

The Jets vs. Cardinals playoff game in Chicago will be Thursday in Foxborough.6.

The Chargers vs. Raiders playoff game against Buffalo will be Friday in Kansas City.7.

The Vikings vs. Lions playoff game vs. the Cowboys in Arlington will be Saturday in Arlington.8.

The Patriots vs Packers playoff game at Levi’s Stadium will be Monday in Santa Clara.9.

The Rams vs Chiefs playoff at the Rose Bowl will be Tuesday in Pasadena.10.

The Falcons vs Saints playoff game on Sunday at Wembley Stadium will also be on NFL Sunday Ticket.11.

The Seahawks vs Saints game at CenturyLink Field will be at Wembley Arena.12.

The Eagles vs Falcons playoff game Monday night at the Levi’s on Sunday night will be the last game in London.13.

The Browns vs Packers game on Saturday night at NRG Stadium will not be televised.14.

The Bengals vs Steelers playoff game Saturday night in Nashville will be televised on ESPN.15.

The Raiders vs Colts game Sunday at Heinz Field will also not be broadcast.16.

The Jaguars vs Titans playoff game Sunday night at Nissan Stadium will have the broadcast on Fox Sports Southwest.17.

The Saints vs Vikings playoff game next Sunday at Nissan will be shown on ESPN3.18.

The Panthers vs Vikings game on Friday night at AT&T Stadium will only be broadcast on ESPN2.19.

The Chiefs vs Browns game Sunday in Nashville, Tennessee, will be a live telecast on ESPN at 9:00 p.m.


The Packers vs Rams playoff game Tuesday night at Lincoln Financial Field will not broadcast.21.

The Redskins vs Ravens playoff game Thursday night at FedEx Field will have no broadcast.22.

The Bills vs Lions playoff contest on Sunday in New Orleans will be broadcast by NBC Sports, CBS Sports and NBC Sports GO.23.

The Titans vs Rams game at FedExField will have ESPN2 and CBSSN.24.

The Cardinals vs Falcons game Sunday, Nov. 9 at AT, will have CBSSN and NBCSN.25.

The Cowboys vs Dolphins game at Lucas Oil Stadium will air on CBS.26.

The Giants vs Falcons Sunday, Sept. 22 at AT will be live on ESPN and CBS.27.

The Ravens vs Chiefs game at Ford Field will air live on CBSSN, CBS and NBC.28.

The 49ers vs Raiders game in Oakland will be aired on CBS at 7:30 p..m., with the game also on NBCSN at 7 p. m.29.

The Texans vs Titans game in Houston on Nov. 30 will be carried live on NFL Live at 9 p.p.m and CBS at 9 a.m.; the game will also air on ESPN on Saturday at 4:30 a. m.; and on NFL Game Pass on Sundays at 8 a. p. p., Sunday and Monday at 2:30 and 4 p. 

All of the games will be available for free streaming on NFL Mobile. 

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