The iPad may be the hottest gadget of 2017, but there are still a few issues that need to be worked out before it’s ready for real world use.

The biggest one is battery life.

The iPad Pro is a laptop, not a tablet.

That means it’ll be able to get a good 3 hours of video playback, but it won’t be able do the same on the go, and it won, in many cases, lose battery life over time.

In short, the iPad Pro isn’t the laptop you want if you want to teach someone how to do basic tasks, or use it for work.

However, you can still take some simple things to teach the iPad a lesson.

We’ve got the top 10 things to do before you get an iPad Pro.


Read up on Apple’s iPad Pros Pros.

Read our best iPad Pro guides and learn how to make the most of your iPad Pro when you buy it. 2.

Get an iPad Air.

We’ll give you our favorite iPad Pros, the ones we use most often, and the ones that we think are the best for teaching iPad learning.


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Watch our video tutorial on how to teach a simple iPad Pro app.


Get a certified Apple instructor.

Find certified Apple instructors in your area who are ready to teach iPad learning and teach them the iPad pros way.


Learn to use a video editor.

Learn how to use an iPad pro’s video editing tools to teach video learning, whether it’s simple lessons or advanced topics.


Learn the Apple Pencil.

We have a video tutorial showing you how to draw on a paper, pencil, or a tablet using the Apple pencil.


Use a iPad Pro with the Apple Watch.

We talk about how to get your iPad using the iPad as a pen for writing and drawing, and how to add a second tablet to your iPad for a more powerful experience.


Learn a little more about iPad training with an iPad course.

Our course is an iPad training class, but you can also learn about iPad learning on a smartphone or tablet with the iPad Air, iPhone X, or Apple Watch app.


Get the best teachers for the iPad with our iPad Pro eBook, How to Teach a Tablet.

You can buy the iPad book for just $29.95, but the eBook is a great starting point for teachers and iPad learners who want to learn more about how Apple’s apps can teach.