Irish breeders are offering a course on how to train dogs to sit and walk with their owners, and some are even teaching them how to bark.

Irish breeders in Northern Ireland are offering dog obedience training courses.

The course is called “How to Teach Your Dog to Sit, Walk and Bark” and will take place in March at the St Patrick’s Church in Newtownabbey, Co. Down.

It will take three days of instruction with the aim of teaching obedience to the Irish breed, which has been described by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s oldest breed.

It is not the first time Irish breed owners have been using their dogs for obedience training.

They are also working with their local authorities to provide dog-friendly public spaces and are also helping the public learn how to ride bicycles.

A number of dog owners are now encouraging their dog owners to sit in the front row of events where they have a seat, to ensure their dog is aware of where the other people are sitting.

Some of the courses have been taken by the St Patricks dog park in Newtown abbey.

It has been a popular training option for Irish breed dogs.

Irish breed dog owners can take the course for free and it is taught in English.

The owners are also expected to provide a walker for the course, and if the dog is unable to sit it will be handed over to a walking guide.

Irish dog owners in Northern England have also been training their dogs in the past.