A new “Mystery Wives” drama is coming to Netflix!

It’s called “My Body is Not Enough.”

This is a spinoff of the “Mysteries” series that was created by “My Little Pony” creator Lauren Faust and stars Kristen Bell as a mother who is forced to move away from her husband after he dies.

Her daughter has a crush on him, but when she meets the son she can’t stand him, she ends up living with him in their parents house and becoming his new roommate.

She is a self-described “lonely mom” who has no idea what’s going on with her daughter, who is the heir to a wealthy family.

The mystery wife has her own life problems, including being an alcoholic and an alcoholic’s daughter.

But her secret is out when she decides to start a relationship with a man who doesn’t want to end his marriage.

The “Mystique” star is also the executive producer on the “Girls” spinoff series “My Strange Addiction.”

This drama will premiere sometime this year and is set to air on the Netflix streaming platform in 2019.

“My Mystery Wife” stars Lauren Faust, Kristina Chlumsky, Josh Gad, Emily Watson, David Hyde Pierce, James Van Der Beek, Jodie Sweetin, James Spader, Sarah Shahi, Lizzy Caplan, Rachael Taylor, and Liza Minnelli.

It is directed by Laura R. Brown.

“MY BODY IS NOT ENOUGH” is available on Netflix for $8.99.

It premieres on April 18.