Fox Sports has announced that it is to launch a 400 hours survival training program.

The series of online courses will be available on the channel from the summer of 2019.

In addition to the course titles, the online course will be divided into two parts.

Part one will be a general overview of survival and survival training.

The course will focus on basic survival skills, while part two will focus more on emergency management and evacuation skills.

Fox Sports also plans to launch another series of survival classes online, starting from the autumn of 2019 with the first one being titled “Survival Training 101”.

The survival training series will be offered in both English and Spanish, with the online courses to be available in the US and Australia.

The new series of courses will not only teach survival skills but also how to cope with the stress of a disaster.

Fox Sports, which also launched its own online survival course series, will launch an online survival training course called Survival Training 101 which will be launched in the autumn.