The following is a list of important dates, locations and information about Thanksgiving Day: Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Day is one of the most popular and festive holidays in the world.

It occurs on November 29, or the First Day of Advent.

It also occurs on the same day as Thanksgiving Day on the Fourth of July.

Thanksgiving Day falls on the day before Thanksgiving Day and on the third Sunday in November.

It falls on a Saturday, and it occurs on Saturday mornings, between 7:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.l.

The holiday is a day for family gatherings and gatherings of all sorts, and includes celebrations and festivities that may include sporting events, music, dancing, family time, shopping and more.

The main activities during Thanksgiving Day fall under the heading of the holiday, including eating, drinking and drinking of alcohol.

In addition, many restaurants, stores and other businesses in the U.S. will open their doors at 8:00 p.m., allowing guests to enjoy the festivities without the crowds.

However, Thanksgiving Day isn’t always a popular holiday in the United States.

Thanksgiving is often associated with celebrations in the Middle East and Europe.

This holiday falls on Thanksgiving Day because many Muslims celebrate this day.

Thanksgiving was a major religious holiday for the Christian Church in the Americas and the United Kingdom, as well as other parts of the world in the 1800s.

This was the first time that Christians celebrated Thanksgiving Day.

During this time, churches would be opened on Sunday and on Christmas and Easter.

The first Christmas tree, the first Christmas carol, and the first Easter carol were all sung in churches on this day in England, Scotland and Ireland.

Many of the songs were written by famous composers, including St. Paul, St. Luke and St. John.

However for many, this holiday is associated with the Protestant Church.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the U,S.

Supreme Court’s ruling on the Fourteenth Amendment.

It was the decision that established a national holiday for Thanksgiving Day, but it was a victory for those who believed that the First Amendment protected religious liberty and freedom of conscience.

During the last week of November, it is possible to visit a lot of museums, shops, and other places on the First, Fourth and Sixth Saturdays of the month.

For Thanksgiving Day festivities, you can visit many museums, stores, restaurants and other locations around the U: Smithsonian Museum and National Air and Space Museum Smithsonian Museum, Smithsonian Air and Missile Museum Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, Museum of the American Civil War, and Smithsonian Civil War Museum Museum National Air & Marine Museum National Marine Museum, Naval Historical Center National Museum of Women in the Navy, Smithsonian Marine Corps Museum Smithsonian Marine Air Museum and Museum of Naval Aviation.

Smithsonian National Museum, which is in Annapolis, Md., has a special holiday program for families.

During these visits, visitors can take a guided tour of the museum, meet with museum visitors and learn more about the museum and its collections.

In the meantime, museums throughout the country, and museums in general, will be open on Sunday evenings starting on Thanksgiving.

If you’re a child of the 19th century, you’ll be able to visit the National Maritime Museum.

The Maritime Museum in Norfolk, Va., is a part of the Smithsonian National Air Museum.

You can also go to the Smithsonian’s National Museum Museum in Washington, D.C. The Smithsonian National Naval Museum, also in Washington and Norfolk, also has a holiday program on Thanksgiving, including tours of its shipwrecks and exhibits on naval history.

You also can visit the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Ann Arbor, Mich.

For families in the Northeast, the Smithsonian Museum in New York City and Museum at the Smithsonian Institution are two museums that will be opening on Thanksgiving weekend.

The museums are the same as in the past, except they have more exhibitions and are more accessible.

The museum is located in the Old Post Office Pavilion on the lower floors of the Old Capitol Building in Washington.

The other museum is the National Museum in Columbus, Ohio.

You’ll also be able visit the Lincoln Memorial in Washington in front of the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials.

In some parts of Ohio, you may be able walk or ride your bike to the Lincoln National Cemetery.

In New York, the Museum of American Art is also open on Thanksgiving and is open on Sundays from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm.

On Thanksgiving Day in many other places around the country there will be events and activities.

For example, in Philadelphia, there will also be music performances on the National Mall and in New Orleans, you will be able ride on the Mississippi River to see fireworks and a parade.

In St. Louis, you have the chance to visit several local museums and the National Gallery of Art.

In Columbus, the museums are open from 6:00 to 10:00 on Thanksgiving afternoon.

The city of Chicago will be hosting a fireworks display on