Dogs in training, or pet training classes as the industry calls them, can now be taught to talk, to understand a person’s intentions and to behave in a certain way.

In the latest edition of the book Pet Mart Training, a training bible published by Pet Mart, pet trainers teach dogs to talk and understand human communication, to have fun and to be able to interact with people.

The book features more than 120 training videos, including an introduction to the concept of ‘the social brain’ and a series of lessons on how to teach dogs and other pets to ‘talk, walk, chew, lick, sniff, sniff out and sniff out people’.

The trainers are also offering training for animals such as parrots and cats to be taught how to communicate in different ways.

In addition, there are tips on how you can train your dog, dog, cat and pet for a wide range of different tasks including hunting, walking, chasing, guarding, socialising, handling pets, pet walking and training.

The training books include dog walkers, dog walker training and obedience, dog groomers, pet grooming and pet care, and dog walk, dog trainer and pet trainer training.

Pet Mart said the aim of the books was to help people learn to talk to their pets, and also help owners and veterinarians understand the differences between the different types of training methods and the various types of health concerns that can arise from different types.’

As we become more educated about how dogs communicate, it’s more important that we understand how we can best help our animals communicate in the most effective way possible,’ said Simon Hutton, vice-president of marketing and distribution for Pet Mart.

He said pet owners and breeders who are interested in teaching their dogs can contact the Pet Mart training programme team on 1800 000 or contact the company’s training programme department on 1800 722 788.