Training companies to operate a hvAC system that runs on solar panels and batteries is coming to California this fall, with the first classes scheduled for October and a second, for December.

The California Solar Energy Association (CSEA) announced the training programs at the California State Fairgrounds in Anaheim.

The solar energy training classes will start at 8 a.m. in the California City Fairgrounds, said the CSEA.

CSEAs training programs will include a two-day session for individuals to install and run a hVAC system.

The sessions will also include a hands-on approach, the CseA said.

The training classes are being offered at the fairgrounds in the form of “solar-powered training,” which involves a video demonstration and presentation.

The video demonstrations will be available on CSEAS website at

A second session is scheduled for December to cover installation of a battery backup system for a home and work area.

The battery backup will be provided by SolarEdge Solar Energy Systems, which is based in Los Angeles.

The companies are offering training for all levels of experience in the hVac industry, CSEa said.

For more information on the solar training program, go to