The train is on the move again.

This time, the train is headed toward downtown Los Angeles.

 On Wednesday morning, a group of train drivers from the train training program known as the “Class 55” will attend a meeting in Los Angeles with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, which is tasked with supervising the train’s training program and supervising train drivers. 

According to the Los Angelenos Union, the sheriff’s department’s training is the largest in the country, and it was a priority for the sheriff to help train train the train drivers to keep up with the speed and diversity of traffic in L.A. The train will arrive in Los Angles on Monday afternoon, and the department plans to train drivers in the morning commute and the evening commute.

The Sheriff’s department is also hiring an additional 35 drivers, according to the union, which has said the department’s job cuts are a result of a federal court order requiring the department to stop hiring train drivers who are currently employed in the county.

According to LA Weekly, the drivers are trained to drive on “the highest speed possible,” and they will work with drivers from other agencies who are also involved in the training program.

While this is an unprecedented hiring move for the train driver program, it is also a new experience for many drivers.

Many of the drivers have not seen their jobs before.

One of the first hires, the former head of the Los Alamitos Regional Train Safety Commission, John A. Cramer, told LA Weekly that he is thrilled to be working on a train.

“This is a big change for us because the drivers’ position is extremely important,” he said.

“The train will be very close to the community.

There will be a lot of people around it.”

Some drivers have been with the department for more than a decade.

The class is a part of the train service that runs from Los Angeles to San Diego, according the union.

The L.I.P.S. train has been the target of protests since the beginning of the year, when a white male passenger from a train wearing a white T-shirt was fatally shot by an L.E.S.-trained driver.

Since then, drivers have taken to social media to express their anger.

On Friday, a white man from a car wearing a T-shirts with the “Trayvon Martin” logo was shot and killed by a white L.L.A.-trained train driver.

In May, a female train driver was fatally struck by a train that was being driven by a female driver who was also a former L.T.S., according to The Hollywood Reporter.

At the time, LA Weekly reported that the L.O.P.-trained police officer was a police officer who had worked with the LAPD.

During the rally, the driver told the crowd that the train will not stop until every white person is killed.

He also said that the driver is going to get fired for his comments.

On Monday, L.C. Sheriff Lee Baca told the LA Weekly the sheriff was going to hold a press conference on the train safety program, which will include a presser and live feed.

The press conference is scheduled for 6 p.m. and is scheduled to be live-streamed.

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