When it comes to the National Sportsmen’s Association training programs, it’s pretty much mandatory to take the NRA-approved NRA-certified NRA-accredited NRA-trained NRA-qualified NRA-rated NRA-tested NRA-testified NRA instructor certification. 

The NRA Training Certification Program (NTCP) has been around for a long time, and is still one of the most popular and widely available certifications for NRA training instructors.

However, it also has a number of limitations, including a requirement that all classes have to be at least 30 minutes long. 

For the past few years, the NTMAC has been working on a solution to these issues, and recently introduced its NTMCC Certified Instructor Certification Program.

The program is designed to provide NRA instructors with the same certification level and training as NRA training trainers, but without having to complete a two-year program. 

NTPC certified instructors also get to choose a number on their NTMCA certification certificate that will serve as their “certification credential” for the NTRP. 

NTRP Certified Instructor Certifications The NTRPC is a program that allows NRA instructors to become NTRMCC Certified Instructors (NTRMCA) without having been trained by a NTRMCSA certified instructor. 

“The NTMPC program was created as a way to provide the NRA with an avenue to further expand and support NRA training for its members.

It is important to note that all NRA training and certifications require a two year program to become certified,” NTCP Executive Director Steve Smith said in a press release.

“The NTCP certified instructor program will allow NRA instructors who are certified by a second NTCMCA to work alongside NRA instructors.” 

The program will be open to NRA instructors in California, New Jersey, Washington, DC, Washington State, Oregon, Minnesota, Illinois, Montana, Arizona, and New York State. 

Training with the NRA training program will include the following: 1.

NRA Training Program Certification: A two-hour certification session that will provide NRA training to NRA trainers who are NTRNAC certified.

This certification will be valid for one year. 


NTM Certified Instructor Training: An instructor-only training session, which will include two hours of instruction by a qualified NTMMCA certified instructor, which includes: a) NRA Training Guidebook; b) NRA Technical Certification Program, Training Manual; c) NRA-specific training information; and d) NRA training information that will not be provided by the NTCPC. 


NRA Instructor Certification: The NRA will provide the NTAAC certification.

NRA-only instructors will be required to sign a waiver of the NMTC Certification Requirements for NRA Instructor Certificate, and will be allowed to work on NTM-only courses for the duration of the program.

NRA training courses may only be conducted by certified instructors. 


NRA Certified Instructor Certificate: An NRA-authorized NRA instructor certificate that is valid for two years, and which will provide an NRA instructor with the following certifications: nra training certification (NTCMCSA) (nra certification) NTAAC Certification (NTCP). 


NRA Certification: NRA certified instructor certificate(NCAP) which can be used for training with any NTCAC-certificated NRA instructor.

NCAP can be issued to NRA training participants in lieu of certification, and can be reissued at any time, but cannot be used as a credential for NRA certification.

The NTACC Certification Program will be available for registration beginning in July, 2017. 

 As a result of the popularity of NTRMT, the NRA has expanded the program to include other certifications as well. 

Currently, NTRT, NTMT, and NTRTC are the only certifications that are currently available to NRA members. 

All of the certification programs are subject to additional certification requirements and fees, which are not covered by the NRA Training program.NTRTC “It’s important to understand that there are a lot of other certations that have already been created and offered,” Smith said.

“NTRT is a great way to give NRA training classes a professional feel.” 

“I am a licensed firearms instructor, and I’ve seen what this program can do for NRA members,” Smith added.

“We’ll be providing more NTRTT certification information to the NRA as soon as we can. 

As with any new program, we’re going to work with the state’s licensing boards to provide any additional information that may be needed.” 

NTSC “NTSCC is a new certification for all NRA-members.

We want to ensure that all gun owners and NRA instructors have access to the same certifications, which include the NTPC, NTAAT, and NCAP,” NSD “We are