The training program for those looking to take their dogs to the park is now open to everyone, even those who are not dog lovers.

The Animal Care and Control (ACCC) program, which is offered free to everyone in NSW, is designed to encourage people to spend time outside with their dogs and to get them moving.

“I’d love to say it’s just a pet training course but it’s really a community service.

It’s something that people can do that’s going to benefit their dogs,” ACCC chief executive John Smith said.”

People want to see how to do things and I think the best thing that can be done is to give people that opportunity to go out and do things.”

While the ACCC does not recommend people take their dog for any particular training course, Mr Smith said it was important that people were willing to do what they can to help out their dogs.

“If you have a dog who’s got a serious behavioural problem, like you’re a dog lover, you’d like to have your dog with you, but you’d also like to see it become a pet.”

Then you’d want to go and have a pet walk or a walk and help them get their behaviour back,” he said.

Mr Smith said he would like to encourage all people to make an effort to spend more time outdoors with their pets.”

It’s a huge community resource.

We’re going to be out there with our dog and we’re going on walks with our dogs.

That’s the most important thing,” he told”

We don’t want to just walk the dogs out there.

We want to give them a place to be.

“For those looking for more information on animal care training classes and pet walking, contact the ACCT on 1300 474 467 or visit for more info.