SolarWind is an incredible company, but its growth is being hindered by the government shutdown.

That’s why we are excited to introduce our new solar training program.

As part of our ongoing commitment to educating the next generation of leaders in solar technology, we’re partnering with SolarWind to launch SolarWind Academy, our first and only SolarWind training program in the solar industry.

As a SolarWind Training Academy member, you will receive personalized coaching and resources from SolarWind, the world leader in training and certification.

Join us and join the solar revolution.

This program will teach you about: 1.

SolarWind’s proprietary SolarWind software 2.

How to manage your own solar system 3.

How your SolarWind system works, and how to maximize the efficiency of your solar system.

If you already have a Solar Wind Training Academy membership, you’ll receive a discount of $99.95 for one year.

You can check out our introductory video to learn more about our SolarWind Education program and get more information about the program.