By the end of the week, Google’s new autel class for instructors will be available for download, with more to follow.

Autel training has been a major focus of Google, with its Android and iOS app developers building training tools for their apps to help users learn and test their software. 

Google’s new training program will be an extension of the Android Autel platform that already has hundreds of thousands of autel-trained users in over 100 countries, including more than 20,000 of those in the US. 

“It’s not just about getting an education,” said Jeff Weiner, head of software engineering at Google.

“It’s about building your business and your team.” 

While Google has been using autel to deliver training to its developers, it also offers its own training software, AuthenTec, to help developers manage their autel classes. 

In its current state, the new Google Autels course is a free download, and the company is planning to launch it at some point. 

The course will be offered on a weekly basis, starting on January 9 and ending on March 20. 

For developers who want to start with a simple, single-session course, Google is encouraging them to sign up for an initial $50 subscription. 

While $50 is still a relatively low price for the service, it’s not cheap when you consider the course is only available for one month. 

A monthly subscription also means the company will have to charge for any additional training in the future. 

To be clear, Google will be providing free training for developers through the end-of-year holiday. 

After that, Google says it will charge $5 per hour for any more sessions after that. 

At the time of this writing, $5/hr is still very affordable. 

 Google says that the Autel app will allow developers to set up their own class and schedule their own classes to run for as long as they need. 

As of now, Google has around 1.8 million users who have trained with the app, with nearly a million of those users taking the class once a month.

Google says that this is an impressive number for a product with a single-week launch, but it will be interesting to see if this rate of growth continues.