By James Taylor | 11:15 am, October 06, 2018The US bike industry has seen its share of bad news this year, and it has also seen some of its best.

The US National Bike Dealers Association has reported that sales of American-made bikes have fallen by a staggering 46.6% over the last six months, while the number of Americans buying them is down almost 40%.

As a result, the US manufacturers are losing a significant amount of market share.

That’s because, despite all the hype about how bikes are made, the average US-made bike is actually just a bit cheaper than its British equivalents.

But there’s a silver lining.

US manufacturers still make bikes that are more than competitive with their British counterparts, which means that they can still bring home some of the profits.

We have seen a significant shift in the cost of making bikes in the last year, so it’s likely that the US market will continue to grow and become increasingly competitive.

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