I’m going to be honest with you, this post is not exactly the most compelling piece of content to write on this topic.

We all know what I’m talking about.

The NRA’s position on firearms ownership has always been that you can legally own guns in most situations, including a gun-free zone, if you’ve complied with state or federal laws.

If you’re planning to buy or rent a gun, then you’ve actually complied with all of the laws.

The problem with this position is that it doesn’t actually apply to gun owners.

The vast majority of gun owners, including those who own guns, are not “law-abiding.”

They are not required to register their guns, and many of them don’t even know that they’re required to do so.

As a result, gun owners often get caught in the crossfire of anti-gun zealots who have a strong belief that any kind of gun law is inherently racist, and who see it as an infringement of their right to keep and bear arms.

If this sounds like your kind of person, here’s a helpful list of ways to stop yourself from getting caught in this trap: • Do not attend a gun training class, whether or not you’re an NRA member.

Many gun owners aren’t NRA members, and will likely not be, since most of them are not interested in learning more about firearms.

• Don’t attend a private gun sale.

There is a lot of good information out there on gun sales, but a good portion of the information is from online stores that sell guns illegally or for profit.

• Do NOT attend a NRA gun safety or gun training course.

Most NRA training classes are just a sales pitch to convince you to purchase guns.

Many NRA-certified gun instructors are bad for your safety, and NRA-licensed gun instructors tend to be extremely bad for yours.

• Stop using your local gun store or gun shop.

You may have heard of some gun shops that have been caught in gun violence.

There’s nothing wrong with those places, but there is something wrong with the people running them.

A great example of this is in New York City, where gun stores are literally full of young people who were told that there was nothing wrong in buying a gun.

When these young people came into a store, they were given a list of the safety requirements, and told to simply leave.

That’s just not how a gun shop should operate.

If it was a gun store, the staff would be out on the streets helping people, rather than selling guns to people.

• Get your local newspaper to write an opinion piece.

If your local paper is owned by an NRA-affiliated paper, they will not publish an opinion article that promotes gun control.

In many cases, the NRA is going to have a different view of the situation than the local paper.

For example, The New York Times recently ran an opinion column about a New York gun store that sold guns for profit and had been shut down.

In response, the owner of the store wrote an op-ed in the Times that called the store a “criminal enterprise.”

This story was a big embarrassment for the NRA and the newspaper.

The owner of this gun store was eventually forced to close his store.

• Take a gun ownership class.

Many people are not gun owners themselves, but they might find that a class on guns is a great way to learn more about how to use them safely.

If a class is a requirement for obtaining a gun license, I would strongly suggest that you get one.

There are a lot more effective ways to learn about guns than going to a gun show.

The more effective the gun lessons you can learn from a class, the less likely you are to be involved in the crime of gun ownership.

You also have the opportunity to do a lot in the world.

That being said, this doesn’t mean you should never do any of the above.

The good news is that if you have a gun in the home, you can do the following: • Keep your gun locked up at home.

If the burglar broke into your home and stole your gun, you have the right to use it in a self-defense situation.

If they took your gun from you, that’s your fault.

You didn’t do anything wrong.

• Lock up your gun at home if you’re in an emergency.

You have the legal right to protect yourself if you are in an active shooter situation.

You do not have the rights of a burglar who steals your gun.

• Make sure that your guns are locked up in a safe place.

You’re not supposed to be in a gun safe.

I am not a lawyer, but if you don’t lock up your guns and don’t keep them safe, then the person who breaks in and steals your guns will never be able to get them back.

The police and other law enforcement officers are going to try