Breitbart News learned of a teacher at UCI’s School of Yoga who is teaching yoga classes for free, without paying students.

The article says, “The instructor is teaching at a private yoga studio at the university, where he has been since 2012.”

The article also notes that the instructor’s name is David D., and he is in his 30s.

The school has been known to offer free classes and to give yoga workshops to students.

The yoga instructor’s Facebook page was deleted after the Breitbart News article was published, and no other information was available about his current status.

We asked David D. about his recent activity on Facebook.

He responded by email, saying he is still “on a full time yoga teacher and doing full time courses.

He is a student at UC Irvine and does all his teaching while working full time at his job.

He will be working full-time after this semester so I am still on campus as of today, as of next week.

He has not asked me to teach his classes as of yet and has not given me any credit.”

A former student of the instructor, who asked not to be identified, told Breitbart News that the yoga instructor is also working on a class called “Yoga & Sustainability: The Art of Living” for students, and he has also created a YouTube channel that will provide a video tutorial.

He added that “this is not my first yoga teacher.”

The instructor’s profile shows he has worked in various professions for several years, and according to his bio, he graduated from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning in 2004.

A former employee of the yoga studio said that the teacher’s classes are free to students of all ages, and the instructor has also been teaching at the studio since at least 2012.

The Instagram page for the instructor is filled with pictures of the class, including pictures of students and a photo of a child with his teacher.

He also includes a video that features a smiling student in his class.

The instructor does not appear to have any formal training in yoga or yoga techniques, and is not listed on any yoga certification websites.

However, his bio says that he has had more than 200 students and taught at more than 100 studios.

The employee who spoke with Breitbart News said that “a lot of people are shocked” to learn that a yoga teacher is giving classes for “free.”

“It’s definitely not the way yoga should be done,” the employee said.

“It should be offered for free.

We need to be educating our students.””

He’s the most awesome teacher I have ever had,” the former employee said of the current instructor.

“He does everything right, including teaching in classes and he’s teaching people how to be healthy and to take care of themselves.

He’s teaching yoga as a way to support the community and not just the community.”

The former employee added that he feels bad for the student and his family, but said that his experience with the yoga training instructor has helped him learn more about yoga.

“I don’t know how you do yoga for kids,” the person said.